Stand and distribution campaigns at the heart of mobility.

Live communication enables people to engage with products through personal experience and ensures that they will remain vividly embedded their memories. Showcasing products in busy locations encourages passers-by to try out new products on impulse, watch demonstrations and take part in conceptual campaigns. Commercial and concept providers can use the opportunity for personal contact to break down barriers and reach out to people who cannot be influenced by conventional advertising activities.

SBB leases and manages a large number of distribution and stand spaces. This makes it easy to plan and implement showcases and campaigns throughout Switzerland. The more than one million travellers who visit SBB stations every day can be reached in this way.

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Conceptual campaigns

Is your promotion conceptual in nature and has no commercial background? Then a conceptual promotion is the right product for you.

Conceptual promotions on SBB’s public areas are only permitted in certain places and at certain times. All activities in pursuit of political, religious, humanitarian, cultural or ecological aims are deemed to be conceptual uses, excluding commercial uses.

SBB makes the final decision on the conceptual nature of your promotion.

Stand and distribution campaigns

Promotions in railway stations are a unique way of communicating directly and immediately with your target group. For travellers and passers-by, interactive communication activities such as stand and distribution campaigns are a welcome interruption to the daily routine and shorten any waiting times. Our offer includes high-traffic locations to ensure you have a strong presence.


Are you a non-profit organisation and does your promotion have a commercial background (e.g. membership recruitment, fundraising)? Then fundraising is the right product for you.

Fundraising involves commercial promotions with conceptual aims (political, religious, humanitarian, cultural or ecological) carried out by non-profit organisations.